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Business law regulates transactions between the majority of business entities, except the maritime transport of goods, which is regulated under admiralty and maritime law. Learn more about what's at stake and how our firm can help with buying or selling a business and other matters.

Commercial and Business Law

Commercial (or business) law covers all aspects of business. This includes:

• Business Contracts and Sales
• Commercial Paper Advertising and Marketing
• Agency and Employment Law
• Buying or Selling a Business
• Domestic and Foreign Trade
• Any Other Matter Related To Business Relationships

Our Specialties

Our business attorneys can assist you with any matter pertaining to commercial and business law. These include:

• Partnership and Shareholder Disputes
• Non-Competition Agreements and Litigation
• Securities Arbitration
• Employment Litigation

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When you have a dispute with another business entity, many courts now recommend first trying negotiation or arbitration before pursuing a lawsuit. When disputes cannot be resolved through these channels, the attorneys at Gruber, Schwartz & Posnock, LLP can help. Read a sample scenario below.

Unethical Behavior By An Investment Broker

Since the 2008 recession, people have become more concerned about both their investments and their financial health. If you suspect that your investment broker hasn't acted ethically, you may bring business litigation against him or her. If you, as an investor, suffered extreme financial loss due to the unethical behavior by your investment broker, you can also pursue a lawsuit. This is especially true if the investor promoted inappropriate investments or failed to fully disclose information regarding your investments. You can also file a lawsuit against a broker for investor fraud, which typically concerns deception.

Intellectual Property Dispute

When you have any issues with patent, copyright, or trademark infringement, you have grounds to pursue a commercial and business litigation. Ask us for more details.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

When members, partners, or officers violate their obligations to perform their duties in good faith and loyalty, then the other members, partners, or shareholders may be able to recover losses through a lawsuit. We can help you get started.

How To Proceed

When you need an excellent attorney to protect both your legal rights and the best interests of your company; consult our experienced business litigation attorneys in Newark, New Jersey. We specialize in serving businesspersons and fight to protect your financial interests.